Hope Community
Senior Staff

Our Senior Staff

Walter M. Roberts20190619212137

Walter M. Roberts

Executive Director
Lorenzo Cesare20190611235055

Lorenzo Cesare

Director of Finance
Nicholas Stabile20230523121236

Nicholas Stabile

Chief of Staff / General Counsel
Craig Harty20190611235144

Craig Harty

Director of Maintenance Operations
Norman Williams20190611235559

Norman Williams

Director of Real Estate Development
Eve Valenzuela-Eastzer20191009155122

Eve Valenzuela-Eastzer

Executive Assistant
Jasenia Aviles20230605120820

Jasenia Aviles

Director of Compliance and Leasing
Shelton Watson20220318135757

Shelton Watson

Director of Resident Services
Maryhelen Rosales20220524161502

Maryhelen Rosales

Director of Program Management