In the market for rental apartment or commercial rental space?

Apartment Leasing

A Lease Agreement is a binding contract between the landlord (Hope Community) and Hope Community Tenant / Resident which contains the terms and conditions of the affordable rental unit agreement. The lease specifies the names of adult and children residing in the household, rent amount and due date, property address, duration of lease agreement, conditions of occupancy and the rights and obligations of both parties.

If Hope Community Residents do not understand the terms and conditions of their affordable housing unit lease they are encouraged to contact the Hope Community Property Management Department.

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Commercial Leasing

In 1977, Hope Community acquired its first commercial space with a goal of assisting the economic development of East Harlem. Today, Hope Community provides more than 40,000 square feet of affordable commercial spaces at twenty-eight buildings throughout East Harlem.

Hope Community commercial rental opportunities support small business owners and social services agencies offering East Harlem community an array of products and services. The small businesses generate thousands of dollars in revenue and create job opportunities in the community. Hope Community is extremely proud of contributing to the stabilization of East Harlem’s commercial real estate space and this continues to be a priority in our development work.

For more information about Hope Community commercial space availability, please contact (212) 860-8821 or info@hopeci.org