Hope Community

Founded in 1968, Hope Community Inc. is a community based not-for-profit affordable housing organization.

Hope Community
Mission Statement

Founded in 1968, Hope Community Inc., is a community based not-for-profit affordable housing organization that works tirelessly to transform East Harlem community and surrounding neighborhoods through economic development, social service partnerships, and cultural arts programming at Galeria del Barrio. Hope Community’s core mission is to continue developing and managing affordable housing and commercial spaces for thousands of low-and moderate-income families in East Harlem and provide its residents and community at large valuable tools and resources to enhance their quality of life.

Hope Community’s primary catchment area is the neighborhood of East Harlem – extending North from East 96th Street and East from Fifth Avenue to Harlem River. Hope Community currently manages 1,251 rental units. For more than fifty years, Hope Community has created and preserved more than 2100 units of affordable rental and ownership housing opportunities for low-and moderate-income families at seventy-eight (78) Hope Community buildings.

In addition, Hope Community provides thousands of square feet of affordable commercial spaces at twenty-eight (28) buildings throughout East Harlem. Hope Community commercial spaces support up to thirty-nine (39) small businesses and/or social services agencies offering community an array of products and services. Hope estimates these businesses generate thousands of dollars in revenue and support many jobs in East Harlem.

Hope Community continually helps thousands of its residents improve their quality of life through its department Hope Community Resident Services who offer community programming initiatives; adult and youth educational workshops, health forums, women’s empowerment workshops and financial literacy workshops. Hope Community collaborates and maintains numerous art space projects and murals throughout East Harlem such as the iconic “Spirit of East Harlem.”

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Meet Our Senior Staff

Walter M. Roberts20190619212137

Walter M. Roberts

Executive Director
Eytan Shafir20210121140546

Eytan Shafir

Director of Operations
Lorenzo Cesare20190611235055

Lorenzo Cesare

Director of Finance
Craig Harty20190611235144

Craig Harty

Director of Maintenance Operations
Michelle Pryce-Screen20190611235338

Michelle Pryce-Screen

Director of Resident Services Program
Norman Williams20190611235559

Norman Williams

Director of Real Estate Development
Eve Valenzuela-Eastzer20191009155122

Eve Valenzuela-Eastzer

Executive Assistant
Fonda Porter20191009155443

Fonda Porter

Director of Asset Management
Julie-Ann Dussard20191009154912

Julie-Ann Dussard

Director of External Affairs