Hope Community Residents must recertify annually before their anniversary lease date. Learn more about the recertification process below.


Recertification is the process by which a tenant provides the property management team with paperwork that verifies his/her annual household income. Residents are usually asked to provide complete and accurate information regarding the family composition, assets, and ALL income of household members. Adult family members are also required to complete an Annual Household Eligibility Questionnaire and be present to sign off on the Tenant Income Certification (TIC) form.

Failure to cooperate fully and honestly with the compliance process will result in legal action up to and including eviction. It is important to recertify because this assists the property management team in maintaining records that will help the building/apartment you live in keep the ‘tax credit’ that allows your rent to stay affordable. If Hope fails to receive a tax credit towards your apartment/building, your rent will go up. This is independent of your income.

The recertification compliance is requested 120 days (4 months) prior to anniversary of your lease. FAILURE to recertify means you will LOSE your rent subsidy and your apartment rent will increase to the non-regulated rate. Residents will be given advanced written notices when they need to recertify.

Property Management will schedule a meeting with resident to begin the recertification process. Or resident may recertify online through Affordable Rent Café an application process that enables residents the ability to upload recertification documents through a secure portal. Please click link below to begin online application:

recertification hope community