General Description of Job: Directly responsible for repair and upkeep of interior and exterior common areas of buildings and tenants’ apartments. Properly completes all assigned work orders. Observes and reports items that need repair, prioritizes repairs so most important items are repaired immediately advises superintendent about emergencies or jobs he cannot complete; assists superintendent to complete repairs, or in any situation with which superintendent request assistance, Completes all repairs in a workmanlike manner. Follows proper procedures to order needed supplies tools, and equipment, and completes necessary paperwork. Quantity of work as reflected by number of work orders must meet management standards; quality of work must meet management standards, as well as City, State, and Federal requirements. Attends all regular meetings to discuss work to be performed and appearance of the building. Follows proper procedures and completes required paperwork to order and receive supplies and equipment; receives all authorizations as necessary.

Supervision: Directly by superintendent; also follows instructions of owners and other management personnel.

Essential Requirements for Job: Successful experience as a handyman preferred; able to understand written and oral instructions; reads and writes English; (with assistance, if available) can complete necessary paperwork as required.

Handyman’s Duties:

  1. Reporting to Work: Report to the site superintendent in uniform at the designated meeting area each day prior to starting the day’s work at 7:00 A.M.
  2. Plumbing: Make repairs as needed on all exposed plumbing including, but not limited to the following: stop leaks, clamp and/or plug pipes; faucet repairs; waste lines; stoppages; toilet tanks; flushometers; pop-up stoppers; standing waste mechanisms; replacement of shower bodies and related work.
  3. Radiators: Make repairs to radiators including, but not limited to, the following: shut off valves’ control valves; air valves; stem packing; related work.
  4. Electric Equipment: Repair or replace electrical equipment, including fuses and/or circuit breakers; smoke detectors; intercom panels and stations.
  5. Glass Panes: Measure and replace pre-cut glass panes in doors and windows.
  6. Carpentry: Perform carpentry work including but not limited to, the following: window sashes; door frames; molding; re-hang doors; cabinet installations; floor patches; related work. Install, adjust, and replace door checks, springs, and hinges.
  7. Walls: Make repairs to wails, including, but not limited to, the following: patch plastering, replace wall and bathroom tile; drywall, re-caulk tubs and sinks; related work.
  8. Painting and Finishing: Perform painting and finishing work including, but not limited to, the following: painting of interior walls, ceilings, and trim; painting of exterior trim and metalwork; painting of units and common areas, including walls, ceilings and trim and staining and finishing woodwork.
  9. Other Repairs: Make other repairs as needed or requested, including, but not limited. to, the following: install window locks/window guards; repair or replace sash weights and chains; patch vinyl flooring; install and/or repair door knobs, locks and cylinders; install appliances; make minor roof patches; related work.
  10. Apartment Make-Ready: All demolition, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, plastering finishes and cabinetry repairs/replacements.
  11. Gas Ranges: Adjust and/or replace stove parts as needed, not including gas supply lines.
  12. Concrete: Make minor concrete repairs.
  13. Damage Protection: Shut necessary valves to prevent severe water damages to the building.
  14. Light Fixtures: Ensure that all interior and light fixtures are in proper working order.
  15. Boiler/Boiler Room: Maintain boiler room including, but not limited to, the following: keep boiler room clean and orderly; flush low-water cut-off and/or water feeds as needed; clean water and sight glasses; maintain water level: drain and refill water as needed; clean strained cups as needed; clean nozzles as needed; oil motors and pump as needed; flush and/or clean mud rings and valves as needed; fill oil burner lubrication tank as needed; keep covers on all oil burner controls as needed; remove ashes from ash pit as needed; remove ashes from basement if necessary; inform site superintendent and/or utility company of gas leaks, gas smells, or other hazardous conditions.
  16. Work Identification: Report necessary work to be performed by outside mechanics or contractors.
  17. Work Orders: Ensure that all work orders are completely filled out before work begins, and must also ensure that all time spent on each job is properly recorded and logged, and tenant sign-off is secured on all completed work orders. Secure all supplies needed from supply room and note all supplies used to complete each work order on that work order. Ensure that supplies taken from supply room are replenished from supply truck based on supply listings noted on completed work orders.
  18. Unauthorized Work for Tenants: Handymen are prohibited from performing work for tenants for compensation during their regular work hours.
  19. Sign Out: Report to designated meeting area at 4:50 P.M. Return all work orders to the site superintendent: For those work orders which were e inspected and found to be beyond the capabilities of the handyman, or for those for which supplies have been ordered for the following day, a notation should also be made of the next appointment, or a notation that the next appointment should be set by the site superintendent as and when supplies have been received. In either case, the handyman shall not hold copies of work orders beyond the close of the day’s work.


Report to the site superintendent on the following:

  1. Building damages as observed during inspections;
  2. Tenant vandalism, rowdiness, and complaints;
  3. Accidents observed;
  4. Non-tenant gatherings and suspicious activities; such as drug use and sales;
  5. Vacancies observed; tenants moving out with belongings, moving vans, etc.;
  6. Process sewers from any local, state, or federal authority;
  7. Vendor/service contractors seeking access;
  8. Unauthorized people or activities.


Other Responsibilities: In addition to the above-stated duties, the handyman may be called upon to perform repairs with the superintendent, with in-house construction crews, or to work with porter to maintain or clean the building to ensure that the buildings and apartments are at all times maintained up to or exceeding required managements standards.

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