Below are a list of Open Spaces owned and operated by Hope Community, Inc. Please note that: Open Spaces are properties within Hope's Portfolio and ARE NOT open to the public.  

Ball Playing, Bar-be-ques, open fires, loud music, loitering  ARE NOT ALLOWED in these open spaces.

If you are interested in making a financial contribution please click here for more information. 

If you are willing to help or make a pledge to help keep this space clean by becoming a volunteer please click here and fill out application. 

Revive 103 Hope HDFC 105 East 103 Street
Carlos Rios Senior Residence 335 East 105 Street
Ortiz-Wittenberg 171 East 109 Street
Hope East of Fifth 334 East 112 Street
Hope East of Fifth 155 East 117 Street
Hope East of FIfth 120 East 117 Street
Hope East of FIfth  2026 Lexington Avenue
Quatro Lex, L.P. 164 East 104 Street
Hope East of Fifth
Hope Canaan 118
8 East 110th Street
8 West 118th Street

Please invest in keeping open spaces clean.